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Most of these ads are designed in square shape for fast simul-posting to IG & FB. They also can be inserted into the body of an email, or as attachment in emails or txt. They can be downloaded, saved(right-click) directly from this page onto your mobile device or desktop folder, then uploaded, posted ( or of course copy/pasted.) Anyone from your staff can access them at any time, from device, on the go, and use even on their own personal postings etc. The full collection is best viewed on widescreen, but accessible the same on mobile.

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Each image you see can be tapped to enlarge for best quality, then saved to device/DropBox or copied for usage. You can add your own text in blank spaces if desired, or you can request specific content from me. You may use them with or without a written SALE/SAVINGS EVENT post; they can be used simply as effective brand-building "flash graphics"- but always list your website or copy/paste site address link with your graphic posts. People always want MORE. And for Social Media, posting daily is preferred for retail and fashion services/spa/salon. It's actually what the people want, endless eye candy, but you should be sure your images are branded for sharing.

Please allow the page and graphics load time as they are large, dense files. If you find the images too large for uploading/downloading, per App etc, please let me know and I'll attempt to resize them down by half. Thanks!



... specifically sized & cropped branded banners. Weekly rotation is best for retail. Great way to reinforce/refresh "atmosphere" of digital shop.
Click on the images to make them bigger before saving/downloading.

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By Lauren C.
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