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It's obvious. Hertel Ave has recently been able to begin to deliver on the dream of renovation and lively culture. Some of us have been here for a decade or more, watching the tide. And some of us are hot & fresh, new jewels in the crown of the Queen City.

When a neighborhood begins to sing... soon no one can stay quiet. I saw this over my time in Manhattan, students priced out of trendy neighborhoods, begin to create new communities. Families gather and dreamers set up shop. Art, Wine, Business, friendship, it's a whole new world..

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    Yoga for All - Gathering for Good. Free events & Retreats at excellent North Buffalo spaces. Bike over and tell a friend. GREAT HALL RETREAT COMING SOON...


Hardcore Antiques spanning Time FALL 2017
Smack dab @ the epicenter of Hertel's revival, Queen City Antiques is a curio massing of multi-generation product design. From giant carved wooden credenza from the estate of Mrs.Coppercoin, to sculpture, to Asian lacquer cabinet, to birdcage, to chandelier, to tiny jewelbox collectables. The amazing shop has renovated over time into a striking showroom of intense, right-from-the-mansion pieces. Occasionally re-habbed on-site, the range of styles, scales and objet d'art contained in this shop, unlike any other, makes it a must-see.

It's owner, John, well-versed in antiques; pre-turn-of-the-century to Mid-century modern, a painter of large, colorful works also on display, is pleased with the urban turn-around, especially for the long-standing and sometimes lonely decor & antiquing sector, which, along with it's party scene, kept this area alive through about 10-15 years of less-than-stellar urban development. But there is a sense of coming-into-ones-prime, here, and that sentiment builds individuals as well as communities. Now is a time of celebration. John is also a partner with NORTH BUFFALO YOGA, hosting events & art shows. Queen City Antiques is a staple here, and one of HOT HERTEL's favorites. Stay tuned.
Address: 1484 Hertel Ave, Buffalo, NY 14216 Phone: (716) 913-8549




Attractive, friendly and knowledgeable, their staff will guide you on your Gastro Journey and entertain with the waterfall of craft tap & bottle selection, rotated lovingly, weekly. They are a favorite in the area for exactly this. But the unbeatable re-launched menu, open-air patios, weekend lunches and endless summer evenings - are what they actually specialize in... and the decor and atmosphere cannot be beat. Tuesday Bulesday, Wednesday Trivia, Thursday Karaoke, Special Beer events, all to be found on their website here:

GOURMET GASTRO: The serious Sterling fan would say it's the Gourmet Gastro fare- insane burgers and gourmet Mac - that typify their unique culinary experience. The BBQ Pulled Pork sandwich... the Sterling Burger featuring an added crab cake... the fried rice wonton stack with seared tuna... the Wardinski Wurst platter... Taking that savory soul-food depth, folding it into the fresh & meaty elevated pub kitchen, broil- with cheese- and you'll approximate the award-winning recipe vibe they host at Sterling in returning Chef Wunderkind, Jameson Reagan. Enthusiasm and leadership, you can catch Jameson in more of a director role, a few times per week, passing the knowledge on to new talent.
1487 Hertel Ave (@ Sterling Ave), Buffalo, NY 14216 Phone: (716) 833-1307

MODA Vintage - Fashion & Decor

A Sea of Pop & Past culture FALL 2017

Long-standing and newly expanded MODA VINTAGE is a paradise of memory. A true feast for eye and purchase. Owner Lucy Perrone-Mancuso has been in antique, fashion and furniture for decades, and only now, in a new, larger store, can the collection be more fully expressed. Dare I say, this museum visit far surpasses any I've had to our beloved Albright Knox. (Although I'm always a sucker a good Sol Lewitt show, monuments & sculptural, please! )

This is the Place. For Gifting and Gift certificates, for a beautiful browse, for costume, for wedding, for 1940's, for 1970's, for dreams and creativity; to teach someone about the beauty of fashion and design. MODA VINTAGE is easily one of the top entities on the strip, and now gets to enjoy room to stretch, entertain even more guests, and sit right in the center of the Hottest strip in Buffaloland. Definitely one of HOT HERTEL's favorites. Stay tuned.
1493 Hertel Ave, Buffalo, NY 14216 (716) 725-6636

GoBike Buffalo SHOP

Build-a-Bike Empowerment FALL 2017

What if you were an urban cyclist? What if it was your whole life? What if you log hundreds of miles on sub-par equipment and need some help/advice suddenly? What if you could learn how to design & build your own bike to suit your needs and desires, from donated spare parts with expert teaching- right in the center of North Buffalo? You'd visit Tristian & the Gang @ GO BIKE BUFFALO, also selling rehabbed creations, and accepting donations. The workshop & retail shop have expanded summer hours, membership cost of $35 allows access and use of materials as well as friendly training.

They are also a bike hostel, accepting people stopping in for tune-up, even while on a cross-region ride. GoBike Buffalo is also a major advocate for adding cycling into the community through events like the SLOW ROLL, and projects like the REDDY BIKE STATIONS throughout North Buffalo, already changing the face of Hertel's demographic and pacing. Did you know that North Buffalo/Parkside is one of the last bastions of deadly, anti-pedestrian, anti-bicycle intersections, sightlines, lights & planning? Did you know that the North Buffalo voting public and councilmembers have zero interest in improving it's bicycle infrastructure? It's so dreadful, that competent cyclists feel a bit trapped even within their own neighborhoods, with no safety in-place from modern, misguided drivers. Let's change that. Lets paint the town "BIKE," with the help of GO BIKE BUFFALO, spreading speed and fitness where 'er we go!
98 Colvin Ave, Buffalo, NY 14216 (716) 320-0193


Slick Shop & Eventspace FALL 2017

Hertel Liquor Library is North Buffalo's premier liquor store with a large selection of wines from across New York State and around the world as well as popular liquors & spirits. The shop is set into great brick architecture, but features a modern, clean, boutique interior, rare in this area. It's not only a pleasure to shop here, but the deals are hard-to-believe, and they will attempt to order special requests.

They boast a small backroom eventspace and HOT HERTEL plans to host wine tastings with them. They are a new, but very bright star in our sky. Lets celebrate them.
1673 Hertel Ave, Buffalo, NY 14216 (716) 768-3669


Gathering for Good FALL 2017

Mission: to offer free yoga & fitness RETREATS to North Buffalo through multi-aspect events held @ great Buffalo settings like the Albright Knox Art Museum, Hoyt Lake, Delaware Park and at partner local businesses & venues. Desiring to use yogic practice and awareness to bring our bodies & minds into a grateful state, conscious of blessings. Sign-up or refer-an-instructor to donate a 30 minute yoga or fitness class, receive a fitness photoshoot @ Excella Studio. Also a Great Marketing Op. NBY will promote your studio/business as partner in web & social media.

All aspects of NORTH BUFFALO YOGA are volunteer; teaching, planning, production, promotion, web, in order to break down the barriers that keep yoga unreachable to some, and bring the ancient, mind-clearing, body-strengthening aspects to our community, in efforts to spread peace, within the individual, and society. Guest Instructor & Speakers @ multi-aspect RETREATS & MeetUps INCLUDING YOGA, FITNESS, MEDITATION & DEEP THOUGHTS. Visit their website today:


Dramatic Spaces for Celebration FALL 2017

Commemorate your life-long decision in a truly elegant space: soaring stone arches and endless stained glass. It all starts with wonder, and culminates with the ultimate promise. For you, now is the time for ceremony and celebration. Prices are surprisingly inexpensive, especially considering the atmosphere and neighborhood, with the dual-space event package as the crowning option. Visit CentralParkWeddings.Co, today.
Tap here for CENTRAL PARK WEDDINGS website

Central Park Weddings delivers a series of worship spaces and event rooms @ Central Park Complex. The Grand Sanctuary is available for memorable and dramatic wedding ceremonies, with the optional use of the Chapel for special prayer events. For reception, they offer an amazing Elizabethan-Style Great Hall. This impressive and charming space also includes a Grand Piano(for use by a professional only,) mini-stage and large kitchen for serving and clean-up. The woodwork and windows throughout both high-ceiling spaces are truly stunning, and together - they make a perfect pair for weddings.
Office Hours: M-F 10-2, please email through website for tour. 216 Beard Ave, Buffalo, NY 14214


Partners in Growth FALL 2017

Regional industry leader, with decades of experience in indoor gardening equipment & methods, proudly serving this area: HYDROPONICS OF BUFFALO. Come in to visit their large and beautiful super-store featuring indoor garden and turtle pond. They have a passion for educating & problem-solving, and the resulting lineup of tested products for every aspect of indoor gardening are sure to satisfy. Visit today, you're sure to become good friends and partners in growth.
Tap here for HYDROPONICS OF BUFFALO website

Hydroponic gardening systems come in a multitude of type, size and configuration, including reservoir, aeration, tubing, nutrient automation and timing systems. Each stage of growth has specific needs, as does each gardener. Their lighting department has the top products from Hydrofarm, including bulbs, reflectors, vented hoods and power ballasts, with solutions for spaces large and small. The industry continues to churn out even more efficient components and techniques. Learn more today.
1471 Hertel Ave, Buffalo, NY 14216, (716) 838-3545